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Our Technologies

Varian Pharmed research and development strategy is focused on specific treatments in rare diseases by utilizing cutting-edge technologies. We are concentrated on new creative treatments to meet the medical needs of people worldwide. Our researchers are succeeded to discover innovative medicines and treatment for rare diseases from cancer to infertility and puberty
Polymeric In situ forming Drug Delivery:
Extensive  research  has  been  carried  in  designing  of polymeric  drug  delivery  systems.  The  development of in  situ  implants  has  received  considerable attention  over  the  past  few  years. The ability to inject a drug incorporated into a polymer to a localized site and have the polymer form a semi-solid drug depot has a number of advantages. Among these advantages is ease of application and localized, prolonged drug delivery. In situ gel formation occurs  due to  one  or  combination  of  different  stimuli  like  pH change,  temperature  modulation  and  solvent  exchange.
Various natural and synthetic  polymers  are  used  for  formulation development  of in  situ  forming  drug  delivery  systems.
Varian Pharmed team Develop the various strategies that have been used to prepare in situ setting systems and now is one of the leading companies in this area.
Liposomal Drug Delivery:
Lipid based injection depot is designed to provide treatment efficacy over extended periods – from days to months – with a single injection. It has the potential to reduce the burden of daily medication while increasing adherence to therapy. It is suitable for biological peptides as well as small molecules.
It depot comprises a lipid-based liquid with a dissolved active ingredient that can easily be injected subcutaneously using a conventional syringe with a thin needle. Upon contact with fluids in the tissue, the lipid solution transforms into a liquid crystalline gel, which effectively encapsulates the active ingredient. The drug compound is slowly released as the liquid crystalline matrix gradually degrades in the tissue and the release can be controlled from several days to weeks or months depending on the composition.
Microparticle Drug Delivery:
Novel drug delivery systems have several advantages over conventional multi dose therapy.Microspheres received much attention not only for prolonged release but also for targeting of anticancer drugs to the tumor. Polymeric microspheres are ideal vehicles for many controlled delivery applications due to their ability to encapsulate a variety of drugs, biocompatibility, high bioavailability and sustained drug release characteristics. Microspheres are characteristically free flowing solid powders, which consist of proteins or synthetic polymer, which are biodegradable in nature. Microspheres having particle size in range between 0.1-200 µm, can be delivered by several routes like oral, parentral, nasal, ophthalmic, transdermal, colonal etc.  Varian Pharmed R&D  team are developing Microsphere delivery systems for drug used in opioid dependace therapy.

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