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Our Structure

Our Structure:

Varian Pharmed was established in 2008 by Golrang Industrial Group (GIG) and entered the important and fundamental area of pharmaceutical industry. Now, Varian Pharmed by utilization of its knowledge-based subsidiary companies, experienced managers and professional experts gained the ability to produce pharmaceutical products and export considerable amount to other countries

Scientific Board:

  • Hamid Mobedi
    • Associate professor

Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute

Founder of Triptorelin In Situ Forming Drug Delivery

  • 2 PhD of analytical chemistry
  • 1 PhD of Novel Drug Delivery systems
  • 2 PhD of Pharmaceutics
  • 2 PhD of Organic chemistry
  • 5 MSc of chemistry
  • 2 MSc of Novel drug delivery systems
  • 1 MSc of microbiology


Scientific researchers bring innovation at Varian Pharmed. By every day of our researchers endeavor, we are passing over boundaries of science, enhancing our knowledge of diseases and developing novel pharmaceutical products. Collaboration with scientific centers and talented scientists are the key elements for our success to address the greatest unmet medical needs. Alliances with academia and research centers strengthen our preclinical pipeline.


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