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Mesna 400 mg / 4ml

Composition : 1 ampoule of 4ml contains 400mg mesna.

Indications : Prevention of urinary tract toxicity by ifosfamide or cyclophosphamide.

Contraindications  :Known hypersensitivity to mesna or other thiol compounds.reactions (hyperergic reactions) following mesna has been reported more frequentiy in patients.protection of the urinary tract with Vario-Mitexan should therefore only be undertaken in such patients following careful risk-benefit analysis and under medical supervision.

Interactions : Not known according to current experience.In vitro MESNA is incompatible with cisplatin and nitrogen mustard.

Side effects : Some cases have been reported of partially organ-related hyper-sensitivity reactions ( hyperergic reactions) such as skin and mucosal reactions of varying extent and severity (itching,redness, blister formation),local tissue swslling (urticarial oedema),rare cases of falls inblood pressure and increased pulse rate above 100/min (tachycardia)due to severe acute hypersensitivity with atransient rise in certain liver function tests (transaminases). There have beenrare cases of venous irritation at the injection site.In a tolerability study using high intravenous and oral deses of mesna.single doses of 60 mg/kg body weightand above were associated with nausea,vomiting,diarrhoea,headache,joint pain,fall in blood pressure and increasa in pulse rate above 100/min (tachycardia),skin reactions, exhaustion and weakness.During treatment,the above side-effects cannot always be clearly differentiated from those due to oxazaphosphorines themselves, or other concomitant medication.

Presentation : 15 ampoules of 4 ml/400 mg. Vario-mitexan is available on prescription only.


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