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Variopeptyl® 3/75

Central Precocious Puberty(CPP)

Prostate Cancer
Triptorelin is the first line hormonal therapy for patients with advanced non-metastatic or metastatic prostate cancer.Variopeptyl 3.75 mg suppresses the testosterone that causes testosterone-dependent prostate cancer cells to grow.
Triptorelin acetate is a GnRHa, which is widely used for the treatment of hormone-dependent conditions in men and women. Achronic administration of GnRHa leads to downregulation of GnRH receptore in the pituitary gland. which results ina complete suppression of luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle-stimulating hormone and gonadal steroide after an initial stimulatory phase (hormonal flare).Usually,within 6 weeks of initiation of Triptorelin acetate therapy,serum testosterone is reduced to near surgically castrated levels.
Safety,Tolerability abd adverse effects Overall.Triptorelin acetate is considered to be a very safe and tolerable drug. The biggest concern with the use of GnRh analoge is the initial stimulatory effect it produces; this is an issue for all diseases treated using this drug. As a super agonist, when the drug is administered, a sharp,initial increase known as a ' flare up ' occurs in the serum concentrations of LH, FSH and sex steroids.Thiscan exacerbate the condition at first, before hormone levels drop to postmenopausal/castration levels. Flare up is associated with worsening symptoms of the particular condition being treated.
Variopeptyl 3.75 mg is provided in two pre-filled syringes: Syringe A delivers high quality Swiss manufactured Triptorelin acetate 3.75 mg and Syringe B delivers a German made polymeric solution 245 mg.

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