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GIG as Mother Company

We are a private-owned company; the public recognizes us via our sustainable development, market leadership, trustworthy brands and commitment to ethics and social responsibilities.
Our mission is:

Offering high quality and valuable products and services in order to improve the lifestyle and national and international customers and consumers and promote the welfare level of our staff, by relying on motivated, committed and ingenious workforce; to the extent that everyone would recognize us by our sustainable growth, market leadership, trustworthy brands, commitment to moral values and social responsibilities,
We are proud to be known to the society as reputable, flexible, agile, committed to social rights, dynamic, benevolent and responsible corporation, and we are aware of our heavy responsibilities and the long path ahead of us.

Our vision is:

Creating a dynamic and sustainable future, relying in creative, innovative, entrepreneurial and ethical businesses in order to become the most admired and acclaimed and the fist corporation in Iran to be among the top 500 corporations worldwide

Our values are:

Sincerity and honesty
Sustainable development
Win-win relationships
Honoring the family values
Courageous leadership
Commitment to the future

We offer our partners access to our expertise from early drug discovery through to the clinic, which is supported by first-class platform capabilities to progress your ideas and turn them into medicines.


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